Gatorbone Records

Hello folks! Welcome to Gatorbone Records, home to some of Florida's finest folk artists. We are a musical family that is but a small part of the great Florida Folk tribe. We believe the work of these artists represents a vital part of the folk music being created, written and performed in the state of Florida and far beyond. Artists include Grant Peeples, The Gatorbone Band, Frank Lindamood, Lon Williamson, Elisabeth Williamson, The Driftwoods, Aaron O'Rourke, Katie Geringer, Erik Alvar, Paul Garfinkel, Bob Patterson, Jim Carrick, Rachel Carrick, Elaine Mahon, James "Tuck" Tucker, Doug Jernigan, Dan Stevens, The Cicada Ladies, Wild Shiners, Hananel, Doug Spears, Teresa Jimenez, Carrie Cooley, Flagship Romance, Lauren Heintz, Doug Spears,Ed "Eddie Mac" Macfarland of Tallahassee, Donna Decker, Scott and Michelle Dalziel, and Sharon and Dan Pillen better known as "Third Born Lefties" .

We have had one big year at Gatorbone Records and it's only the middle of the summer! Firstly we welcome new label artists! Donna Decker is our first spoken word artist. She recently released her first recording of poetry put to music, "I Have Your Petty Secret". It is delightful and she released this recording to many a packed house! New artists also include Scott and Michelle Dalziel of Dunnellon, Fla. Talk about a dynamic duo! Their new songwriting project is in the works and is expected to be released this fall. Sharon and Dan Pillen (Third Born Lefties) released a wonderful original song recording a while back and we look forward to the next one from this talented duo.

In other news... this spring saw the release of our much awaited and long anticipated "Oklawaha County Jamboree: A Gamble Rogers Tribute", a fundraising project to benefit The Gamble Rogers Folk Festival held in St. Augustine every May. This project continues to receive lovely kudos and critical acclaim as it makes it's way out into the world. We are mighty pleased with and proud of all of great musical contributions as well as grateful for the financial support of the Florida folk community to make this dream a reality.

Another milestone project for Gatorbone Records was the release of Flagship Romance's recording, "Fee Fie Foh Fum", featured at the right. This remarkably honest and beautiful effort by Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson showcases their extraordinary musicianship as well as their collaborative songwriting. They are currently touring the country to promote this new musical treasure of theirs!

Many other new projects are in the works for our artists including Frank Graham, Dan Stevens, Aaron O'Rourke, Katie Geringer, Lauren Heintz, Paul Garfinkel, Elaine Mahon, The Gatorbone Band and Carrie Cooley. So my friends heartfelt thanks and sincere appreciation for the support of the friends, fans and families of all of our artists. You are making dreams come true!

Sincerely, Lis and Lon Williamson